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Health & Fitness Programs

Lean & Fit

LEAN & fit personal training will help you create a healthier and stronger body!


Betsy’s fitness Bootcamp helps women get fit and stay fit with full-body workouts using high intensity interval training that combines strength, cardio, and flexibility training designed for all fitness levels.


Betsy’s Core Nutrition program is an effective, affordable, and convenient coaching program designed to help you reach your weight loss goals!


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12 Week Running Program

The Couch to Concrete 5K Running Program will take you from the couch to running on the pavement in just 12 weeks!

candiappleB’Core Nutrition Coaching

Healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated, but for many of us it is.  Everyday we are bombarded  with advertising that promises us quick results for weight loss. When you have unwanted pounds to lose …


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