Hi, I’m Betsy Carter, welcome to Concrete & Iron! 

I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.  I choose the name Concrete & Iron to convey the image of strength, building, and supporting healthy lifestyle changes by creating a foundation of exercise and a whole foods approach to nutrition. 

“Are you struggling to get back to your pre-baby shape and weight?”

“Have you been frustrated that, as you get older, you can’t seem to lose those last 10, 20 or more pounds?”

“Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to go and work out?”

You are not alone.   I am a mother of three and I have turned to food for comfort, coping, and celebrations and I can relate to your struggles with body image, weight loss and food choices.   I understand that as we get older the weight is more difficult to lose and some days it’s just plain hard to convince ourselves to get out of bed or push ourselves to go exercise after work.  With my personal training you won’t have to rely on yourself to find the motivation.  I will be with you every step of the way to provide you with motivation, encouragement, accountability and concrete results!

If you are ready to become stronger, healthier, and happier then I encourage you to get fit with me!

I am committed to helping you build a better body,


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