About Me …

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change!”

Hi there, I’m Betsy Carter.  I’m a certified personal trainer, nutrition, health/wellness, lifestyle coach and owner of Concrete & Iron in Glendale, Ohio.

I work with busy men and women who are struggling with their weight, self-esteem and/or body image issues to change their habits so they can feel confident, happy and healthy again. My fitness and nutrition coaching programs provide a foundation for building a healthier lifestyle by losing body fat, gaining muscle, strength and confidence.

I tend to be an “all or nothing” girl and when it comes to dieting and exercise I either kind of followed a diet plan or I would REALLY follow it.   While at my highest weight, when I weighed 185.6 pounds I wasn’t focused on how I looked or felt, honestly, I was just focused on …eating food, mostly, junk foods, fast food or sugary foods and kind of following my diet and exercise plan and expecting to get results.

You know what?  Results did happen, but not the ones that I had hoped for.  I wasn’t at the weight I wanted to be at, ..I wanted to fit back into my size 7 jeans without having my belly hang over the top.  I was sick and tired of being tired all the time and wanted to have more energy.  I wanted to feel slim and sexy in my body no matter what I was wearing and when I looked in the mirror I didn’t want to experience the urge to look away and feel ashamed by my own reflection.

So, for years I tried the fad diets, meal replacement shakes, diet pills, starving myself, over-exercising, …basically, I just kept hoping to lose the weight by continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Until, one day, I discovered something that completely changed my life.  I began keeping a food journal and documenting my meals, moods and feelings when I would eat.  I learned that I ate when I was happy.  I ate when I was sad.  I ate when I was anxious and I would over-eat when I was stressed and feeling over-whelmed.

After just a few shorts weeks of keeping my food journal I started to see a pattern and that was when I discovered something about myself, I was an emotional eater.  Uggh, …just saying the words “emotional eater” made me cringe and want to break down and cry.  But, the truth (no matter how painful) was that I was avoiding situations that caused me pain and/or stress by using food to numb my feelings in order to cope and feel a sense of comfort and control.

My unhealthy relationship with food truly felt like I was on a roller-coaster ride and I couldn’t get off.  I needed help. I needed something to change, …I needed to change.  So, I made my health a priority.

With being a professional nutrition health coach you think I’d have seen the signs earlier on and had this all figured out.  Well, I did, sort of.  I’ve studied nutrition and the affects that food and nutrients have on our bodies.  From how diseases, conditions and problems can be prevented and/or symptoms reduced with a healthy diet, such as diabetes, cholesterol, migraines, bloating, and foggy brain to name a few.

I know how to eat, what to eat and when to eat for optimal health.  But knowing what to do doesn’t equal taking action on doing what I know.  So, I reached out to my fellow health coaches for help.  Yes, even nutrition coaches need to have a coach to support them and keep them accountable.

After working with my own coach I was able to take that first step and move from feeling stuck to taking action.  I created a simple yet powerful balanced weight loss program that enabled me to finally shift my way of thinking, to eat when I’m hungry (really hungry – like belly growl’s), to lose 50 pounds and to change the shape of my body by focusing on one small habit change at a time.

So, if you don’t love the body you’re in, feeling frustrated or discouraged because you want a flat belly, …wish your thighs didn’t rub together when you walk and you’ve experienced being on that same DAMN diet roller-coaster losing weight only to gain it back (plus more) then now’s the time to make your health a priority.


“I’ve struggled with being overweight my entire life. I was always turning to food to feel better, but I always felt worse and didn’t know how to control my eating.  Betsy taught me there was another way and I’m proud to say that today, I’m still focused on food, but in a different way.  I have learned that it’s a process and there is no room for perfection.  This has been HUGE for me and I can’t thank Betsy enough!”

Lynn D.Weightloss Client


“When I found Betsy I was at my highest weight and feeling my lowest.  I was embarrassed about how I looked.  I just wanted to be able to eat and lose weight without feeling deprived or going though the yo-you dieting routine.  Immediately once I started working with Betsy I learned how to make small changes that added up to big results.  I couldn’t believe how much better I felt and looked in such a short time.”

Elizabeth J.Weightloss Client


Trust me, having a body you love and deserve IS within your reach!  I can help you get that slim and sexy body you desire and teach you how to manage your anxiety, stress and overwhelm without using food to cope.  But, it’s up to you to take the first step!

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I’m committed to building better bodies!



P.S.  If you aren’t quite sure nutrition coaching is right for you then check out the FAQ’s section below!


Will I lose weight?
  • As long as you commit to the program and take action on the things we teach, you will get concrete results!
Do I have to count calories?
  • Nope, BALance Weight Loss Solutions are based on making behavior changes, one habit at a time.
Do I have to keep track of what I eat?
  • Yes, logging your meals and snacks will help keep you accountable.   But, don’t worry, we keep things simple so tracking your food will be a “snap” with us, literally!  Plus, it helps your coach see exactly what you’re eating which will make their feedback and tips even more personalized to you!
Do you give me a meal plan?
  • Meal plans are NOT included in your nutrition coaching program.  If you want a “done-for-you” suggested meal plan with grocery lists, recipes and support then grab the 21 Day Sexy Slimdown or if you want a plan that includes nutrition AND exercise grab the 6 Week Little Black Dress Challenge!
What about Supplements?
  • Your coach will guide you and recommend any supplements that she feels are necessary for your results.

Nutrition Coaching INQUIRY

Nutrition Coaching INQUIRY