Welcome to Concrete & Iron, we offer health and fitness programs to create a solid foundation for building strength, cardio, flexibility and nutrition for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Our Mission:
To provide a warm, inviting and non-intimidating environment where you will feel empowered, motivated and supported to build an active, balanced, healthy lifestyle through our fitness training and nutrition programs.

Our Services:
Fitness Training
One-on-one/small group Personal Training

Group fitness classes
Thai Chi

Massage: Chair massage, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic/Deep Tissue, Sports and Corporate massage
Weight Loss, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Essential Oils:






Meet Our Team:
Betsy Carter, Personal Trainer/Bootcamp Instructor, Nutrition & Life Coach
Brian Nero, Personal Trainer
Larry Bobbert, Tai Chi/Self-Defense Instructor
Carol Svensson, Yoga Instructor
Carley Heck , Yoga Instructor
Bonnie Farr, Yoga Instructor
Arielle Schmidt, Yoga/Pilates Instructor, Thai Massage Therapist
Shawntay Pritchett, Massage Therapist
Tana Luckie, Massage Therapist
Autumn Reynolds, Receptionist