About This Lesson

Tai Chi consists of  gentle flowing movements based on an ancient Chinese martial art.  Tai chi exercises combine balance, coordination and breathing with harmonious soft, slow flowing movements that renew and invigorate the body, mind and spirit.

The smooth movements massage the organs, improve blood circulation and promote diaphragmatic breathing.  When practiced correctly Tai Chi movements work to calm and focus the mind, so that mind, energy and body work in harmony.

The Instructor

Larry Bobbert

Dr. Larry C. Bobbert has been practicing martial arts for nearly 50 years. He’s studied several styles, has Black Belts in Aikido (Nidan), rank in two styles of karate and arnis and 25 years practicing Tai Chi that included two trips to China. He includes Qi Gong (breathing) which he believes is an integral part […]

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Thursday 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm