Workshop: Discovering Your Love Planets through Astrology!

In this workshop you will:

1) Find your personal love planets according to your astrological birth chart. These love planets will show how you give and receive love and affection.

2) Be provided effective tools on how to enhance and support the way you love. Learn how some astrology planets have more masculine vs feminine qualities and discover how you can balance and empower both sides.

3) Advice on how to step into your feminine power, and how to learn and grow from your astrological love planets. Learn how to stop attracting certain love patterns/partners and how to and embrace and expand your love capacity!

Sarah Hayes, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio has been studying western astrology for over 20 years. She has conducted over 800+ astrology charts and has a loyal astrological following around the country. Sarah loves that astrology can be inspirational yet provide practical tools and future guidance. She currently does public readings at various restaurants and workshops as well as private consultations. She has published astrological articles for Mindbodygreen a popular holistic living website.